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About Me...



     Oakland, CA native Nicia De'Lovely is an acclaimed published poet, multifaceted artist, anti child-molestation/ CSEC advocate, community servant and spirited survivor. She creates provocative survivor-based performances for education and healing of sexual traumas [and other offenses] under the production name, "Nicia De'Lovely Presents." In 2019 her stirring one woman show debut entitled, GET UNCOMFORTABLE, earned her a Best of Fringe Festival, SF Award. 

     Nicia has sewn compassion throughout the Bay Area since 2004, holding intimate healing gatherings before they became a modern trend. She commonly host recitals and workshops at women shelters, community centers, places of worship, grade school campuses and universities. She has performed on stages across the nation, including the 2017 United Nations Women’s Conference in New York, as the lead poet in the artist/activist troupe, CEREMONY, by Abolitionist and Award-winning Playwright, Regina Evans. Since her 2020 introduction to Oakland Ballet Company Executive Director, Graham Lustig, Nicia has become an OBC honorary poet. Impressed by Nicia's passionate wordplay. OBC invited her to a 2021 poetry-and-motion collaboration, honoring our nations first African/ Asian American woman Vice President, Kamala Harris, in the Oakland Symphony Virtual Inaugural Ball.

     Nicia, an emotional and intuitive empath, passion for healing survivors of sexual abuse derives from her tumultuous adolescence, where unfortunately she experienced abuse so severe that it silenced her. After years of living with an anxiety disorder called "select mutism" Nicia reclaimed her voice through poetry. Today, she courageously uses her voice, testimonies and creativity to help others find their strength, but her humanitarianism exceeds recitals and workshops. Once monthly Nicia funds, out-of-pocket, a locally anticipated pop-up event appropriately titled, "Nicia's Pad-bag Pop-up," where she passes out feminine toiletry bags to our low/no-income and displaced sisters.


My voice is their voice; my strength is their strength.

We are not victims; we are not pathetic.

We don't need or want bystanders patriotism.

We are the resilient; we are conquerors.

And we want and demand our human rights.   

1 Love.

**In 2003 Nicia was inducted into the Library of Congress International Who's Who of Poetry.**    

" Nicia, a true victor, employs personal experiences into her verses to stimulate her audience mentally and spiritually. Her poetry is pure, powerful and saturated with compassion. Her phoenix flight is constantly encouraged and supported by her loving husband, immediate family, close friends and everyone in need of a sincere soul-sisterly hug."


- Doreen Knight, Poetry Grow Magazine






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